Our Strategy and Values


Be The Investment Bank in Angola.



We are driven by the ambition to create value for our partners with an integrated, innovative, facilitating and differentiating offer that enables all the possibilities for achieving objectives through a strong commitment and a firm positioning on our values.


Our vision is based on values ?that represent the essence of a banking institution and that are of paramount importance to our success. Principles such as transparency, prudence and loyalty are the cornerstone that make our values tangible ??and thus we invest in:



The base of the relationship with our partners and the certainty of having made the right choice, which generates synergistic effect in a vital partnership, to help achieve the full potential.



Critical Pilar to thrive in the relationship with the partner which requires from its bank, a maximum dicretion in their personnal data and transactions.



With professionalism we seek to have a close relationship based on a proactive, openminded and complicity driven approach, improving whenever necessary the fundamental elements of it,  with the purpose to  build a solid and lasting relationship.