First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the shown interest in matters related to investments, surely you can think of yourself as a Prestige Partner and as such, you should consider the various options available, bearing in mind the principles of risk and return.

The level of expected risk is one of the main factors of choice when it comes to the “type” of the investment to be considered. The Angolan financial market is still at a most embryonic stage, but we make available, nonetheless, an array of investment options from the safer ones, like “Term deposits”, to investment options with some increased degree of risk.

If you intend to invest in safer options that does not necessarily mean you should not assess riskier ones. Actually, It is exactly at this stage that the issue related to the return that the investment may bring makes itself present.

The larger the expected return the riskier the investment tends to be, thus, the smaller the expected return the safer the investment tends to be. This relation between risk and return is considered the fundamental truth of the market and one can hardly escape it.